As unique as your property.

Not only houses, but the concept of a “home” particularly draws my attention. I believe that every house has a unique energy. To perceive this with intuition and heart is a skill and a always part of my work.
My goal is to connect prospective buyers and sellers and accompany them on their way to a successful sale.
My authentic appearance and empathetic communication aid me in making contact with customers and further advising and supporting them. I respond to people’s needs with sensitivity and empathy.
I am the proud mother of two grown-up daughters who enrichen and fulfill my life.
As an artist, aesthetics and creativity are important to me. I market your property as if it were my own.

Marlise Lisa Raschle

After my diploma in business management from the Kantonsschule Zug, I worked more than 7 years for Marc Rich and more than 10 years in the banking and finance sector, most recently as an investment advisor for Bank Vontobel in Hong Kong.

Since 1992, I have been working as managing director, treasurer and CEO in various companies. In recent years, my further training has been primarily focused on the topics of presence in sales, health, resilience and prevention in corporate health management.

I am working as Managing Director for Raschle Partner Immobilien GmbH in Zug.

Thomas Gloor
Business Economist dipl. oek.